Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fifi is getting bigger and bigger

Had lunch with my friend Sharon today. She was a little miffed because I made her let me take her picture with her jacket unbuttoned...and lest you think I'm a perv or a complete weirdo (well, I am a little odd, but not a COMPLETE weirdo), Sharon is 15 1/2 weeks pregnant with her first baby. She is pretty self-conscious about how her body is growing, but I think it is really amazing and beautiful. I am trying to take her picture every week so that I can put the photos together in a progressive scrapbook for her and the baby. She is changing so fast I just can't get over it, so we have to capture it on film!

Fifi, by the way is the nickname (short for Fetus) I use for the baby. At 20 weeks Sharon will find out whether Fetus is a boy or a girl, but for now, "Fi" or "Fifi" works just fine. Not having conceived babies myself, I am naturally very curious as to how this whole development thing works, so I went surfing on the web and came across this site where you can track fetal development week by week. Pretty nifty stuff, that. I learned that around week 15 the fetus develops this feathery hair called lanugo "that often covers the shoulders, back, forehead, and cheeks". I don't dare ask Sharon about this, though, because she is a little bit emotional (aka WAY HORMONAL) and she would probably start wailing about her baby being like Big Bird or the Wolfman or something. haha Feathers or fur, though, I'm certain that this little baby will be an absolute darling.

It's kinda weird how reading up on babies and being around pregnant ladies kind of makes me want to have one myself. Yeah, that's a great tagline for a ad...NOT. I can just imagine the men surfing right past the ad that says 37 year old shark lady seeks non-jellyfish male (read: male with a backbone) for companionship and procreation. Uh..I think I better stick to hoping for a powerball win!

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Brett said...

Hi Racquel-
Great to get your comments. The dates ARE confusing. I walked the Camino in May/June of this year and have recently been posting selections from my journal, one day at a time. Took a big break for a move (NY to Chicago) but I'm back, one day at a time. And your comment actually did come at a great time, because I'm starting a new journey out here and it's a lot scarier than the Camino ever was. You say the experience changed your life? I can't agree more.