Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hi there - glad to be back after a day of rest. I was dragging a little yesterday (ok, a lot), so instead of putting my time and energy into coming up with something funny and insightful for your edification, I randomly hopped around the blog universe by clicking on "Next Blog" on the Blogger toolbar.

It was a really wonderful adventure visiting all those different pages out there. I heard several different languages, visited many countries, and perhaps even encountered an alien or two. It reminded me that the world I live is not so small that it merely revolves around the soundbites and headlines on CNN. There are wars, natural disasters, greedy and lying politicians, and all these things have an impact on us, to be sure. But the world is much great than this. It is Katrina's wedding pictures from Las Vegas, Nancy's Bear Totem, and photos of little Eric Damon Ellis who arrived September 24th at 6:00am - three weeks early! It is Arthur's Many Steps and Lucky Crackers celebrity bashing. It is people dissecting what they hear on the news and forming their own opinions. It is nice people of every color, shape, size, religion sharing their experiences in order to feel connected to the world at large. Even though I only spent about an hour or two jumping from blog to blog, I feel like I have come back from a whirlwind tour!

Next time I get overwhelmed or pessimistic, I'm going to remember that there are millions of individual people out there experiencing love, anger, happiness, sorrow, hope and disappointment - just like me. It makes it so much easier to be kind, considerate, generous and less tolerant of the crap my government pulls when I can imagine actual FACES of people around the world who are affected by our actions.

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Deejay said...

I came across your blog today by the same method. I have bookmarked and will read often. I also wrote about this topic in my blog of August 28, but unfortunately my experience then wasn't as satisfying as yours. But I still do it.