Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm home

It's Sunday morning and I am finally here where I the Valparaiso Starbucks tank. My wireless internet is working in a lovely fashion...yippee!! No more Panera for lunch!! Today I'm trying a medium blend - Guatemala Antigua - that the corporate apes describe as "refined acidity, subtle cocoa texture and gentle spice flavors..." and it's "from a verdant region in south Central Guatemala, nestled among three volcanoes. Its coffees are nurtured by farmers with vast knowledge and passion." This sexy description is bordering on coffee porn!!

Sorry I missed you yesterday, but it was a busy day. In the morning I went to my swim class. It's called 'Tidal Wave', in part, because usually there are about 20 people running up and down the length of the pool and it creates quite a calorie-burning wave to swim against when you are swimming in its opposite direction. I actually call it 'Baywatch, the Reality Series' because all of us running towards one end of the pool reminds me of the opening scene in Baywatch where all the lifeguards are running on the beach. Uh, except in the 'Reality Series' we have every shape, size and age (well, over 18) running. It is rather amusing to those of us with slightly warped senses of humour. I guess it also sums up why 'Reality TV' is a complete misnomer. hehe

Anyway, after swim I did the usual brunch with my mum where we always order the exact same thing every week. Then we went shopping over in Michigan City (where I tried on a pair of pants in the parking lot...and that story is so good I'll just leave it to your imagination to fill in the blanks!) At four I was off to Kelly's for her open house where I had a very nice time. This was her first home show as a consultant and I think it went really well. I bought a bunch of stuff, too, and we made a couple of cute projects while I was there. I'm just so blessed that I am not out working the fields or working four jobs to make ends meet and have the time and the means to do such wonderful things as coloring and cutting. It truly is a blessing to have leisure time.

After the open house I stayed for dinner and then I came home last night and started working on a card with one of the new stamps I bought. If I may say so myself, it is SO CUTE! Then I watched part of the Sox game, watched Brit Coms on PBS and then called it a night. Tonight I'm going to have to make up for it by picking up some of the clutter in the home tank and doing laundry. What an exciting life I lead!

When I was younger I seemed to always be working towards something...graduation, a good job, a date for Saturday get the idea. As I get older, my life gets less and less 'cool', but as I accept that and just try to live in the moment, it becomes more and more comfortable. It seems counterintuitive, but it's true.

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