Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pretty (Shark) Woman

Yesterday was an amazingly wonderful day! I took my mum along on the fall clothing hunting and gathering ritual and we had a very successful (and fun!) outing. I will be the best dressed cartilaginous fish in the office tank this autumn!

While we were out on the Mag Mile, we veered off to stop in at American Girl Place for a birthday gift for my adopted step-niece (see suenos de Espana post below). This place is the biggest toy racket this side of the Mississippi and it is hijacking parents of little girls all over the land on a daily basis! Have you seen this stuff? Little girls just adore it!! These are pretty baby dolls that aren't really babies (although I guess they have the Bitty Babies that are more like infants); they are more like girls that are the ages of the girls who play with them. You can even choose the doll that most looks like your little girl. There is also a line of historical characters from different eras and they have their own story books, clothing lines, accessories...essentially adding up to at least a semester or two's worth of college tuition. I was never much into baby dolls when I was growing up (I liked stuffed animals), but I admit, my estrogen levels were soaring through the roof by the time we got out of there. I wanted one of those pretty dolls and their pretty clothes! Although I think the prices are outrageous, effectively making these toys available only to privileged little girls (social policy that is generally not on my political platform), I concede that I would much rather have a kid aspire to be like the American Girls (healthy attitudes, good self esteem, positive body image) than to be like Britney Spears or some of the other radio, movie or television skanks out there.

I sure am glad that birthdays only come around once a year!! Any more often than that, I would be bankrupt for sure!!

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