Wednesday, October 05, 2005

So proud of my Indiana brethren...NOT

I prefer the happy mindless postings that amuse and even make one smirk or tee hee a little bit. Unfortunately, today's 'musing' will be more of a rant thanks to the neo-nazi conservatives living in my state who can't find anything better to do (like creating jobs and affordable education) for the people of Indiana than intrude on their private lives.

I'm specifically referring to the following item (courtesy of WSBT 22 South Bend ):

Bill Would Limit Reproduction Procedures For Gays, Singles
(AP) An Indiana legislative committee is considering a bill that would prohibit gays, lesbians and single people in Indiana from using medical science to assist them in having a child.

Republican state Senator Patricia Miller says state law should have requirements for assisted reproduction similar to those for adoption. She acknowledges that the legislation would be controversial.

It would require “intended parents” to be married to each other and says an unmarried person may not be an intended parent. Planned Parenthood of Indiana president Betty Cockrum calls it chilling and government intrusion on a person's private life.

The Health Finance Commission will vote October 20th on whether to recommend the legislation to the full General Assembly.

Now for those of you who know me, you can imagine that puckered look I have on my face right now. While I am not gay or lesbian, I am a singleton who might someday like to have a child.

My emotional response to to immediately label it unadulterated crap. After my temper ebbs and my grey cells get back to work, I wonder what the heck kind of logic Ms. Miller relied upon when determining that this whole 'intended parent' thing was a good idea. According to her, it is perfectly ok that Kevin Federline and Britney Spears can litter the planet with their genetic material, even though if history is any indicator, ol' Kev will be looking for greener pastures right around the time Baby Spears hits nine months, but I have no right to do the same. According to her, A couple within which there is emotional abuse, unpaid child support from previous marriages, 5 people for every 2 rooms, a permanent radioactive glow and not a pot to piss in have the right to procreate with the assistance of science, but I, a reasonably productive, healthy, responsible taxpayer (who also happens to (I'm almost embarassed to admit) attend the same general denomination church that Ms. Miller attends) do not have that same right. Hmm...sounds very brave new worldish to me. Either that, or this is merely an attempt by the Senator to push forward her personal religious beliefs by veiling them in the so called 'family-values' that are so loosely used by our Republican friends on the campaign trail these days.

Shame on you Senator Miller. Your biography indicates that you are a parent; what would your life have been like had some politician told you that you didn't have the RIGHT to create those children. I'm thinking you should ask yourself about what Jesus would say about your behavior. I'm pretty sure he wants you to bring people into his fold instead of excluding them from it. Part of living that message of service is to lead by example - not spewing messages of hatred.

Honestly, there are a lot of great people from Indiana. Some are exceptionally intelligent, even. Too bad some of these people use their mental powers worrying about topics like this instead of trying to feed and educate the kids that already exist in Indiana. Too bad they don't take care of our family farms and small businesses, or the plight in both our urban and rural communities. Too bad they don't create strong infrastructures to attract jobs to our state.

Sickening is what it is. Sickening and ignorant.

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