Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Stuff that matters...or at least is matter...

Ok dear readers, while I have been sitting here worrying that I'll get hate mail over my comments about the guy at the donut shack (see bird poo - part 2), instead, I got my first complaint yesterday about something completely unrelated. Apparently, yesterday's post did not contain any content of matter...yep, it just wasn't the concise, in-depth look at the foibles and follies of my and my family's lives that you have come to expect. Wow - I never thought someone would want to hear MORE of my ramblings!!

That being the case, and presuming this particular reader is representative of at least a few of you, let's set aside the work that pays my mortgage, and instead take a look at something substantive this morning. Let's start with nature. It's big, vastly important, and Lord knows it provides me with a never-ending source of awe and laughter. Particularly, let's check out this baby:

This is a big ol' toadstool growing in my parents' front yard. The sucker has to be a good foot across at least. From what I read on the net, toadstools pop up to assist in decomposing matter. I have looked around the yard and can't quite figure out what exactly is decomposing. I do see, however, that there are several other of these giant beauties popping up in a ring formation (a 'fairy ring' the biology geeks call it - but I haven't seen any fairies yet). Far as I know, we never buried any hampsters or fish in the front yard, and unless the old man finally got tired of the neighbor (that would be the 'Mr.' in the Mr. & Mrs. Loud II family {II, because the original Louds moved away}) running his lawnmower for four hours every night after dark, I'm thinking the only thing out there rotting away are tree branches, leaves, and possibly my teeth from consuming too much Halloween candy while I'm standing out there like a moron staring at this fungus among us (during which time I'm sure the Louds are speculating whether or not I have been released from the mental institution).

It's a good thing that chefs put food together in such a nice presentation, because when you really think about it, the way many foods look in the raw, why would you ever want to eat them? This thing is probably not edible, but even if it were, I'm pretty certain that putting it on a stick, dipping it in chocolate and deep frying it still wouldn't make me want to eat something that looks like a leftover prop from the X-Files.

Even so, nature is still pretty cool, isn't it?

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Nancy said...

Dear Rocky:

Maybe I'm impatient but it is Wed. Where is wed. Blog? Do you have your shoes on? Is it one of those days? I've read all your blogs, I'm just sitting here waiting for wed. Blog. Hey, I have to go to work. I'll wait till tonight when I get home from work and need a smile. I hope I'm not pressuring you or stressing you out. I just enjoy reading a well written Blog. Mushrooms icky. Gotta run. Bye