Thursday, February 23, 2006

Crazy times in lawyer land

Hi ya'll. Sorry for the short and uninformative post today, but Bill keeps staring at me and the creepiness of it all just saps my creativity. Oh yeah, and it has been so busy at the orifice that I haven't had a spare sec to come up with something fun and exciting for your edification.

I also wanted to let you know that I have been reading your comments and blogs, but just haven't been able to leave comments back to you. Fortunately the weekend is coming up so I'll try to get caught up then.

In the meantime, here's a quick rundown of what I have been thinking about you all lately:

Phats: honey - how is an itty bitty goldfish gonna hurt a big strong muscle-man like you?

Nancy: I miss you, buddy. You better be getting some rest!

Reg, Jackiesue: I will clean the house this weekend and take photos of the home tank to post here.

Pissy: you melted into the couch yet? :-) How you likin' the simple life?

BG: you're almost as crazy as I am! Love ya for that!!

Kristin: we are gonna have to start planning a time for me to come visit.

Trina: If I'm a dork then you're a nerdo. hehe good thing I like dorks and nerdos

Pos: hehe I think Beany summed it up nicely: Strange Aussie Woman Have you talked to the LFB lately?

Phlegm: middle management - damn, that was laugh out loud funny!

Jack: Motley Crue comeback song: Welcome to the Cube Farm

JD: how's your vacation going? I'M SO JEALOUS!

Leo: I gotta read this Stranger in a Strange Land. Sounds cooler than rasslin'.

Linda: you go girl! tell that doc what you want!

Bruce: got any more of those revoltingly inappropriate, yet very funny jokes?

Tex: peace my brother

Tina: How 'bout you name your fishie "John Doe". Either that or Moe. I have always liked the name Moe.

Ok guys, gotta run. Hugs and pretentious air kisses to you all!


Kristin said...

April is usually a slow month. If you are looking for something farther into the future, early June, late August or any time in September is usually good. I would probably have some free time to actually blab with you and hang out.

The middle of the summer is a madhouse of laundry, kids, and cleaning.

Can't wait to have you come down!!!!

texlahoma said...

As she sat at the keyboard ready to create a wonderful post, a feeling came over her. A strange creepy feeling, like someone was watching her.
Peace, live long and party!

Phats said...

Hey I was first that kind of made me feel special, then I read the comment and felt like a big jackass! I am so freaked out by fish big, small, caged, it doesn't matter. I won't go in the fish exhibits at the zoos.

I hope your weekend is wonderfully relaxing, it sounds like you deserve it :)

Jon said...

Gotta agree with one of your previous posts--"Office Space" sums it all up once you've been stuck in a place of similar ilk.

I've come to refer to mine as Dante's Cubicle.

Big Pissy said...

I haven't become one with the couch yet! Give me a couple of weeks! ;-)

mrshife said...

Poor old me didn't even get mentioned. I will just have to cry myself to sleep tonight.

Beansidhe said...

Just when you thought it was safe.....BOO!!! *grin*

Am loving Bill and his underwater orifice (if you see what I mean) that's just funny as :)

And you have way more will power than me. No WAY would I have been able to keep my big trap shut with the Spanish speaking carpet fitters - just too, too tempting! And new carpet is just the business isn't it? I love it when it's so new and deep pile that you leave foot-prints in it.

I'm so easily pleased it's quite sad really :)

Nancy said...

I am resting to the best of my ability and Zoe wanting to sleep on my face. Come on over to my place and we will have some oregano brownies.

leo myshkin said...

rasslin is a state of mind. whenever you start to take life too seriously, watch a little rasslin.

Tina said...

Awww hope you get some time to rest the fins this weekend. Hmmm...Moe? Nah got a coworker I call that when I'm in a giddy mood and she drives me nuts alot so thats not good haha