Thursday, May 18, 2006

How's THIS for freaky?

Howdy doody, readers! Happy to hear that the pop up problem is a non-issue. Whoo hoo!

So you wanna hear something freaky? Here's what happened to me the day before yesterday: I was sitting here in my little kingdom of one (my office) which is tucked away in a niche behind the coference rooms. This man walked past my office and then came to a halt in front of my door. Now I don't get too many visitors back here (I think management fears I might bite the customers), so I just figured the dude was lost.


I asked him if I could help him (read: polite version of what the heck do you want!?), and he said that he had seen my nameplate outside the door and just HAD to stop.

Why, you ask? Naturally, I also wondered.

Turns out, this guy had the exact same last name as mine minus the last letter. Why is this freaky? Well, I'll tell ya. My last name is not even remotely common. It is uncommonly uncommon. I have never met anyone with the name who wasn't a relative. And guess what - this guy just started with the company about 3 weeks ago and lo and behold - he's a distant relation. I'm in a metropolitan area of 8-10 million people and not only does a relative start working at my company, but he also has an office on the same floor of the skyscraper I'm in!? (insert Twighlight Zone theme music here)

All I can say is that he better do a good job here; if he's a screwup I don't want people thinking it's me... hehe



Kristin said...

You forgot to mention: is he cute? is he single? Wouldn't it be the coolest to marry a distant relation and only have to change ONE letter in your name?

buddha_girl said...

Ooooh now that IS weird!

I have a horrid last name. Only my in-laws share the same last name in this ENTIRE region.

I'm thinking you could tear your new relation to shreds if he sucks wind. *shrugging*

apositivepessimist said...

i'd be emphasizing that "one letter" in my name just in case rock.

i thought it was freaky when the LFB shared the smoking room in canada with a girl that lived a few hours from here whose mother was friends with a retard who happened to be in the news over here just a few months before.

yer kids can't be mutated if you marry a distant relation can it rocky. thoughts of a flying inland shark makes me kinda shudder.

psst...that was me *up thair* hate when i muss up me werds.

well fook nearly just sent the same thing.

Katrina said...


also - yeh for no pop ups!!!