It's a bouncing baby George!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ok, so here it is - day whatever - and I'm still freakin' sick. I do not do sick very well. Sick makes me feel vulnerable which feeds into my insecurity of whether having chosen to live alone was the right one. In addition to the weepies I get from feeling like crapola, I get all snivelly from not finding the right boyfriend to take care of me when I'm ill. Harrumph. Somebody get Clooney on the phone - STAT!

Anyway, there is one thing besides chimpanzees that inevitably makes me smile and that is a little roughing up of everybody's favorite whipping-boy. Keep in mind that if your computer runs slowly, this may not work. If it does, however, all I can say is wiggle your cursor a bit to get him going again. Happy bouncing!!

Click here.


leo myshkin said...

sonny is in the yukon. he's working for a mining engineering company at remote base camps. they send teams in by helicopter to get ore samples. he's gone until the end of august. right now i'm a day late and a ninja short.

3:54 PM
Phats said...

I hope it's not the bird flu! Seriously hope you feel better. I had a cold a week ago, but kicked it pretty fast chin up nipper!

11:37 PM
Sam said...

You found it too! This was my first ever post when blogging. One of the most enjoyable things i have ever come across. Thanks for coming to my site, i have deprived many of a visit as i keep saying. I have a sensitive spot for barbed wire!

7:15 AM
Jon said...

I know all about the "cryin' tired" stage. I've gone several days without sleep before where I manstrate bigtime. Hope you feel better soon. Also, sorry for not commenting as regular, but that "Active X" popup that had been on here whenever your page opened kept crashing the Explorer.

12:50 PM
Nancy said...

All my labs came back OK. I thought I had lymes or mono. I was sick for two weeks with severe flu like symptoms.

Just relax and take it easy. If I lived closer I would bring you some home made chicken noodle soup. I make the noodles to. Sorry.

But my thoughts are with ya.

6:42 PM
chattymoon2012 said...

I'm with the Reverand, I kept getting the "active X" also and it kept me from commenting. Today it didn't do it. What is that anyway? I've seen it on some webpages. Sorry you still don't feel well. LOL old Dubya. I saw this once with a woman bouncing on the bubbles but it is far funnier with The Decider, hehehe

7:31 PM
texlahoma said...

Thanks Rocky. That was distubingly fun. :)

11:48 AM
Reg said...

I like the bouncy George but I have ver4y little sound. It would be far more satisfying if Georgie grunted and screamed when he hit the bubbles.

2:13 AM
Mr_Selfdestruct said...

Its fun top squish him through really tiny little spaces and watch him break apart.

9:52 PM