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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ah Tuesday. One day closer to the weekend - and one day closer until I'm officially one year older.

As I age, I must not be sleeping as well as I did when I was younger. Why do I think this? It's because when I wake up and look in the mirror I have been entertained with laugh-out-loud hairdos that are indicative of rockin' and rollin' in dreamland.

For example, this morning I looked like this:

Yep, yep - I had the old "Don King" going on.

Yesterday was a nice example as well:

Nothing says "Good Morning" like an overnight visit from Bozo the Clown.

I haven't had the next one recently, but I do find it appears more frequently than other haute coiffs:

Can you believe punks and rockers all over the planet work hard to achieve this look? All I have to do is eat something spicy before I go to bed!

Since I was tooling around already trying to show you my hairstyles, I decided to venture into the surreal a bit and imagine what I would look like with other hairstyles. Here are my two favorites:

Lady Shark in Dreadlocks:

Yodeling Lady Shark

Hope you are as amused by me as I am. :-)


Super Woman said...

I particularly like the yodeling shark.

3:53 PM
Reg said...

You are clearly not getting any work done at the office.


2:10 AM
leo myshkin said...

i've always been a fan of don king, only in america! it's also multicultural.

maybe don can get the job promoting wal mart since young stuck his foot in his mouth.

6:17 PM
Lauren said...

Me thinks we needs to find Thee a boyfriend. . .

Funny stuff Rocky!!!

7:47 PM
Nancy said...

OK, too much time on your hands. Funny!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

8:30 PM