Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wow, that really sums it up nicely. All except the part where I tell you I'm an idiot and that last night was probably my last youthful hurrah. I'm just too darned old for that nonsense.

I did have a really nice time, though. Watching the game from the box was really fun. The food and drinks were delightful, the company was interesting, and while the boys didn't quite pull it off they at least put on a good show with a 6 run rally in the last few innings. I wish you could have been there, dear reader. Since you couldn't, however, I took a picture for you during warm-ups. Click on the photo to enlarge it, play loud rock music while looking at it and then lick bbq sauce off your fingers while imbibing an adult beverage and you'll feel just like you were right there.

See - the Lady Shark's got your back (you can thank me later!) ;-)

Anyway, time for another ibuprofen and another bottle of water... later!


buddha_girl said...

Ha ha ha! Don't ya hate it when reality smacks ya in the face? I guess if we didn't have real jobs and real lives, we could STILL stay out all night doing unspeakable things.

So glad you had a good time, woman! I love a good baseball game with friends. I ADORE a FREE one!

8:28 PM

go sox....white boy podsednik.....west, texas home town boy..go to sooners blog and check out our water tank with his name and stats on it...

11:21 PM
Nancy said...

I stopped drinking because of the bad hang overs, just aint worth it anymore. Nice picture. and JS that's go Red Sox!

12:38 AM
Nit Wit said...

Your both wrong it's GO REDS! I haven't got to go to a game in the last few years. Watching last nights game with the Cardinals.
Not looking to good so far.
My bigest problem is that I don't seem to get hangovers. So I miss out on that fun.

5:41 AM
leo myshkin said...

i was watching the wire on wednesday and cursing the yanks. it was nice to see ozzie's boys bounce back last night. now they're a half game up in the wild card race.

years ago i went to an annual meeting of a liquor company and said "this stuff will never catch on , it gives you a head ache the next day"

the dumb feckers took me serious.

10:15 AM
Reg said...

You poor soul. Vomiting always makes me feel better in your situation. At least for the first two minutes right afterwards. Then, it's crawling back into bed and another oath that I will never do this again.


3:23 PM
Phats said...

Ha my friend Jon was at this same game, did you see him? I am not a big baseball fan, but I like the sox, not quite as much as the cubs but they suck.

12:50 AM
Nancy said...

What day is it today? The 15th of August? Where the heck are you now? You can't keep doing this to us, suck us in and leave. I miss you.

5:20 AM