Friday, December 01, 2006

I have bad carma.

See this picture? That's me hiding inside the shell. Is this because of the weather that all the drama queens around here are pissing and moaning about? No. It's simply because I have incredibly bad carma.

Now before you word snobs go on the offensive, let me clarify that I intentionally spelled it CARma and not karma. My name's not Earl, and I'm in no mood for lists. I meant CARma. That's my new word for what has to be retribution by Vulcan the God of Rubber against me for some unknown pecadillo.

Are you asking yourself, dear reader, what the heck I'm ranting about? Let me tell you: I got off the train yesterday to discover ANOTHER FREAKIN' FLAT TIRE. There were two minor components of good news to this incident, though. The first was that I was driving the trusty Tracker, and the zippy car was safe at home in the garage. The second was that many other cars in the lot also had flat or low tires, including this poor dude who had THREE flat tires, so if the damage was caused by an idiot running over debris left by a moron, then I'm not the only idiot. Whew!!!

Honestly, at this point I'm considering just buying stock in Bridgestone.


ruby rocks said...

are any hybrid cars getting flat tires?

if not, you may have the lorax patroling your parking lot.

Nancy said...

You and rubbers...If I were you I'd be careful with all rubbers, not just the tires, your carma with rubber is not so good. ;)~

Phats said...

I was pissing and moaning about the weather and we got absolutely nothing!

Don't sweat it I spell Kats with a K :)