Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy 2007!

Greetings, dear reader, and happy New Year!

Can you believe it is 2007 already? Life is slipping by much faster than it did when I was 15 and waiting for my life to 'begin'. Ponder that one.

So, first off, thanks for your kindness in reading my blog in 2006 (and in 2005 for those few loyalists out there). I am so grateful for your friendship! I am also grateful that the 4th fiscal quarter is over, so perhaps now I can get back to blogging!

Since my last post, I have returned to the Windy City from Sin City. I had a nice holiday visiting my family in that town of over-consumption and after a little "detox" I'm feeling good. I rang in the new year from the comfort of my living room sofa with sparkling apple juice. I figured I wasn't ready to start the next 365 days with a hangover.

I didn't make any real resolutions for 2007 since I'll just break them anyway. I plan to continue my constant resolutions of collecting experiences/memories and taking better care of my physical/emotional well-being. I'm also going to continue my goal to expand my social horizons this year. That said, I'm having coffee with 2 new friends this Friday after work (one of them is from my improv class). Coffee and friends...what could be nicer? (<---blatant shoutout to Leo & Ruby)

Anyway, I ordered a new cable to connect the digi cam to the 'puter, so hopefully soon I can tell you about (and show you) my trips to NYC and Vegas. For now, though, I'm going to go play with the rubber chicken in the Sponge Bob lunch box that I got from the bro for Christmas (no lie!).

Happy New Year everyone!


ruby rocks said...

our 4th quarter is over at the end of march which usually means that its time to use up all the surplus. new toys for everyone!!!

we shit ourselves on the first quarter and mid year reviews.

happy new year.

Nancy said...

I love that I can come here anyday of the week and get a smile from you. Happy New Year Rocky! You are a fine human being!