I got gnomed!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yes, it's true. My devious and evil genius of a mother got me again and this time she outdid herself. Meet my new little friend - the Dress Up Seasonal Gnome:

He looks a lot like Santa, no? Well before you get too impressed, take a look at the other outfits he comes with:

At least I didn't get the Clapper, right?

PS Lest you've forgotten the significance of the gnome, read all about it HERE.


buddha_girl said...

Love your mom. Love her!

Would love to see shots of the gnome during these upcoming seasons! Promise?

Give your mom some Buddha love from my house.

Email me your snail mail addy if you trust moi. Buddha has something for you.

7:49 AM
billy pilgrim said...

i'd put the irish outfit on him and never take it off.

10:09 AM

im with billypilgrim...nothing better than a irish gnome

11:00 AM
billy pilgrim said...

have you never seen the caine mutiny with bogie? i thought you'd be an expert on naval films.

11:13 AM
Kalibitch said...

I followed the gnome droppings back in time... that was freaking hysterical. Your family christmases sound like the best ones I've ever heard of. From now on, whenever I see one of those ghastly gnomes I'm going to laugh and think of you and your family.

7:24 AM
McRaven said...

Love the gnome, theres no place like gnome...

5:45 PM