Walking Hard

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have a new favorite rock star - Dewey Cox.

Went to the show this afternoon and saw "Walk Hard". Either this film is a brilliantly funny parody of music biopics or I'm a complete moron. Wait, those aren't necessarily mutually exclusive...

Anyway, I already loved John C. Reilly (The Good Girl, Chicago, Talladega Nights anyone?) and now I completely adore him. If Reese Pointychin got an Academy Award for Walk The Line, then Dewey better be standin' tall on Oscar Night.

Oh, and don't take drugs - Tim Meadows tells Dewey why:


(said while holding my breath)...I think I'd like some too!)
i have to admit im hilarious on reefer...I'm the funniest person you have ever talked to(or in my opinion) for about 30 minutes..them I'm paranoid and under the table for about 30 minutes..and while I'm down there being paranoid..I'll fall asleep...

12:03 AM
billy pilgrim said...

i never realized how much tim meadows looks like al sharpton til now.

9:50 AM
buddha_girl said...

RIOTOUS stuff, I tell ya. I can't wait to see it myself. I LOVED Talledega Nights. I was talking directly to the screen, much to my HG's horror. *shrugging*

11:12 AM