Monday, December 10, 2007

Rocky the Flying Shark

Yes it's true, I have mastered flight. More specifically, I slipped on the ice, flew straight up in the air and then promptly fell right on my keester. Good thing I got a little extra padding back there!

As you may know, there is an ice storm in progress in the midwest and despite my pleas, God did not feel kindly toward letting my parents' house off the hook. Hence, a spill that would make Chevy Chase's stunt double proud. Plus, my keys went flying and it took Dad's zillion jigawatt spotlight to find them about 10 feet away in the nearby woods. Gosh I just love the winter! As I always say, the founders of Chicago were originally from New York, and although they loved the city grime and crime it just wasn't cold enough.

That's about all that's going on for me here, except I feel like a moron 'cuz I thought the Rube had passed to the great beyond. She hasn't - she still with Mrs. Myshkin plotting how best to tear down the Christmas tree this year.


yellowdog granny said...

oh that smarts..I did that last jan when I moved in porch has a little slope to it..sloping down..and it had about 3 inches on ice on it and I steped on it and slid down the ramp (abour 7 feet) and did it in a surfing position...and was laughing my ass off the entire way...grabbed the railing and did a 360 slide..most fun I had in years..till I took the second step and fell flat on my ass...ha

billy pilgrim said...

it'a a small world, i fell on my arse this morning too. feckin ice.

i ought to be swimming with the sea turtles in the gulf of mexico or i hear the indian ocean is lovely this time of year.