Random Thought Part Deux

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Did you ever notice how cheese pizza is really the same as a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup textured a little differently?


billy pilgrim said...

nope, i`ll take the pizza

9:42 AM
buddha_girl said...

I'll take both.

I had pizza the other night at our fav local joint. Marco, the pizza guy, was back from Italy. Thank you, God. Love myself some Marco.

Had mater soup and grilled cheesey (that's what Buddha calls 'em) on Thursday during my glorious snow day. VERY GOOD TIMES!

10:35 AM
Kalibitch said...

Wow... that's kind of profound.

12:33 PM

i love grilled cheese sandwiches...my daughter mojo makes them better than anyone ever...you'll have to ask babs about how good the pizza's are in west, texas...it sure smelled good..

7:34 PM

i like to have tomato soup, take slices of white bread and tear it into peices and then squish them into little balls and then drop them in the soup...I could eat a 1/2 loaf of bread with a can of soup...well, till i became diabetic..that killed that good time..ha

7:26 PM
Kristin said...

Very profound, Ms. Shark. If you put some pepperoni on that grilled cheese...well, there you have it.

I like 2 slices of American on a good hearty bakery wheat bread. The kind with all the grainy goodness right in there for you to see. And then the tomato soup.

Somehow this classic never appeared in my house. My mother never served grilled cheese with any soup. I am not sure why. The first time I saw this meal in action was college. My roommate. She was the grilled-cheese-and-tomato-soup queen.

My mother also never made casseroles of any kind. She hated them. I am making up for lost tasty comfort food by trying out as many casseroles as possible!

1:34 PM
McRaven said...

No way....Pizza is so much better with sausage and pep.

8:27 AM
Babs said...

You have changed my whole outlook on life. I could add sausage to the grill cheese sandwhich and it'd be like having a sausage pizza.
I still like pizza better.

9:23 PM