Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Time is ticking...

Yes folks, the 30-day return period is soon to expire for those fine holiday gifts from your mother-in-law and your crazy Aunt Gertrude. Now I can happily admit that there are very few gifts I return (unless the size is off) since I maintain an attitude that if you thought enough of me to get me a gift I'm grateful for it. It helps, though, that most of the gift givers I know are pretty good at reading me so I don't get too many stink bombs. I try to reciprocate, however, I'm not so sure I'm quite as talented (especially seing as how the gnome was NOT originally a gag gift).

If you have difficulty being grateful for your gifts (or returning them because you lost the gift receipt), I'm here to help. Head yourself over to the Bad Gift Emporium and list your trash as available to become another man's treasure. While you're over there, take a look at the many bad gift beauties that others have received. Here are a few examples (click on the pictures to make the captions bigger:

The caption says it all, right?

Okay, I can see a little kid grabbing whatever he/she could to give to teacher...but the parent that let little Johnny or little Suzy out the door definitely needs a time out.

Look at the bright side; it's not a fruitcake, right?

Do me a favor, though, while you're at the Bad Gift Emporium please do not shop for me. I got so much for Christmas I'm good for a while, 'k?

Thanks Kristin


Kristin said...

Glad you enjoyed the link! When I saw it, I thought of you immediately.

yellowdog granny said...

anyone have any use for the bubble bath that comes in a small champaign bottle..It's so cheap even I never bought it..I'm afraid to use it for fear it will eat the flesh off my body..

McRaven said...

Bruce would love the pickled hot dogs!