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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So, now that I'm reasonably convinced I'm not going to die if I sit up for more than 10 minutes, I'm back to cruising the web. Looky what I found: celebrity mansions. In order, these belong to David Duchovny/Tea Leoni, Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey (click the photo to make it larger). Unless these suckers come with golf carts to drive you between rooms and to the pool, elevators to take you upstairs and a full service staff to garden, clean, maintain and do all the other things the rest of us consider a part of our regular lives, then they can keep 'em. I'm all for celebrating your success with a little luxury but one furnace in a house for every six people in the immediate family is my limit - any more than that is just showin' off. ;-)

To see many more of these monstrosities, check out THIS WEBSITE.


that is disgusting...really..oprah and her buddy stedman live in a house big enough to house her entire school in africa...jeez...
bet there isn't one thing in that house that is green..which is why i love ed begley..he drives an electric car, rides a bike, every thing in his house is green.he has solar everything..his electric bill is about $3 a month...jeez...

5:09 PM
Kristin said...

Personally, I'm more about space around my house than having a HUGE house. I don't want my footsteps echoing through my house while I walk around.

If I were wealthy, I'd probably just keep the same size house I have now, but add on a lot more land. Like 10000 acres or something with my own raging river and a good sized lake. I'd maybe build a couple of smaller cabins on various spots, so that I could 'get away' and stay somewhere different or let my friends/family have their own vacation house, yet be able to take the golf cart and come to "my" house for dinner.

I'd also be more Ed Begley-ish. My house would be built partially underground and look hobbit-y with solar panels and a water tank that catches the rain for my laundry and dishwasher. It would be SO awesome!

7:11 AM
billy pilgrim said...

i wouldn't mind being oprah's gardener. a new pontiac would be nice.

9:08 AM
Babs said...

I just want a jacuzzi bath tub. I could live in a shack and be happy as long as I had one of them big tubs with spray jets and massaging crap. When I have the shack with the tub, I'll know I've arrived.

10:03 PM
McRaven said...


Just to let you know I'm up and stumbling through.

Love you,


10:13 AM