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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An eerie hush settled as she composed herself while looking down the clay court expanse ahead of her. Her opponent, the ball, the net - nothing else merited her focus. Televisions, cameras and recorders surrounded her; seemingly in anticipation of another ace serve like the one she just delivered.

She bounced the yellow ball one - no two - times before arching into her signature service pose and smashing the projectile with all her might and a loud grunt. The colourful crowd went wild as the ball whizzed past her stunned opponent. The announcer piped in, "Johnson, your vehicle is ready for pickup in automotive. Johnson to automotive."

The interruption did nothing to diminish her triumph over the devlish first seed Koopa. She squealed loudly with the delight of a child on Christmas morn. The click-clack of her high heels against the tile floor added a percussive rhythm to the singsong celebration melody that had begun. Cheers from the onscreen audience grew louder and the crowd of spectators gathering live nearby grew larger. She leaped into her father's arms with a giant hug; thanking him profusely and proclaiming she could never have achieved this level of success if he had not gotten a colonoscopy and then needed to go to WalMart.

As the cheers died down and the spectators offered their final impolite snickers before moving on to the grocery or apparel sections, she suddenly realized that her time at the top of the tennis world was fleeting. She looked to the young girl nearby who had been watching with a mixture of awed disbelief and a certain touch of envy.

"This is the future," she said quietly to nobody in particular. She then silently handed over the controller to the little girl knowing that the child would be a fierce match for Donkey Kong; the chimp in line to challenge the champ.

Ok, ok - I may have gotten just a little bit (just a little!) out of control in the electronics department. Fortunately I didn't pull the console out of the wall and security didn't ask me to leave. I kind of would like to see the security camera tape, though. I'm pretty sure I would be a YouTube sensation...

PS If you have never played the Nintendo Wii before (as I had not), you have to give it a go. It's seriously a lot of fun! If you don't believe me, check out this lady giving the boxing game a try for the first time HERE (you'll get an idea of what it was like when I was playing Mario Power Tennis).


billy pilgrim said...

excellent description, i felt like i was in bleachers.

how about grand theft auto or guitar hero? you'd be a natural.

5:51 PM
texlahoma said...

I thought it was going to be about Serena Williams for a minute.
I've never played it but it looks like fun! I think I'd like to have one but I'm not sure if I can afford one. (justifying)
Well I probably won't go on a vacation this year...

6:49 PM

i couldn't walk for a week after bowling on wii...

11:57 PM