Friday, June 05, 2009

Mild mannered shark and future Poet Laureate

I actually wrote this for Billy Pilgrim in response to his recent post about fellow Vancouver resident Marc Emery who recently agreed to not fight extradition to the US in exchange for reduced jail time. In case you don't read other people's comments, here's my one and only poetic effort this year:

A dude offered sales of a seed;
Pro-ceeds to ‘the cause’ he did feed;
He’s now in the can;
Special thanks to “the man”
Who cries foul when one deals in weed.

1 comment:

yellowdog granny said...

i have mixed feelings..sorry he's going to jail..but judas priest...we got matter how stupid or senseless we still got laws..and im just as pissed at canada for breaking them as i am at mexico....sigh*