More Home Improvement!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Actually, the only improving going on at my house this weekend is the hanging of the television. Yay!! That and more would think it was Chinese New Year at my house (perhaps I had better check the basement to see if a giant turtle and pitbull are hiding down there to get out of doing chores).

Tomorrow I start my first acting class - although a friend told me this morning that I'm such a natural drama queen he's not so sure I actually need a class. hehe There may be something to that...

After class, I'm shopping for living room furniture. Most importante for me is finding the perfect recliner - anybody have any suggestions? When I land my fat dorsal fin at the home tank after a long long day at the office tank I want to plop down into the best chair ever and turn on the tube. Need your feedback here, dear reader, so don't let me down!

On Sunday, the Geeks from Best Buy are coming to hang my new television on the wall!! Although this word will probably end up in a 'Words I Hate' post someday, I am feeling totally STOKED. Once the tube is hung then I can put together and hang my new IKEA shelves. Whoopie!

Speaking of IKEA, here's the unit I bought (doodle courtesy of yours truly while bored out of my mind in the senior management meeting yesterday):


Kelly said...

I can't wait to see your living room all done!

As for recliners, go to the LazyBoy showcase room in Merrillville! Lazyboy recliners are still the BEST :)

2:56 PM

lazy boy..can't beat them..
they fit butts...
im with your dont need lessons..hahave a great weekend..

7:34 PM
billy pilgrim said...

it's hard to beat a la-z-boy. it's good to have a nice couch lined up for comfortable viewing and a wing chair for posture.

scotty, i need that 3rd alternative!

9:50 AM
texlahoma said...

I've got a leather (or whats passing for leather now days) couch recliner combo, I like it. I don't know if it's a lazy boy, but I am.

2:48 PM

I’ve heard it said that lawyers are just good actors or is it v.v. Hmm.

10:11 AM
Rocky (Racquel) said...

I ended up at Ashley Furniture... nice & comfy with a price that didn't break the sharkbank

9:56 AM