The new tv is here!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh, did I tell you I bought a new tv?

Hey guys! I bought a new TV!!! It's one of those flat panel hang on your wall jobs-I am VERY excited! Maybe you can tell from all the exclamation points!!?? An added bonus - the guys that delivered it are the ones who will install it next week and let's just say hottie mc hot hot!! (Hey Kelly - if you're free next Sunday come on over and ogle with me)

Now the DirecTV guy is here (he's on the roof right now). While he isn't as raw hot as the tv installer guys, there is still something sexy about a man doing honest work with his hands.

Jeebus, listen to me! Maybe I had better put a spoonful of saltpeter in my coffee this morning...


texlahoma said...

I'm glad you linked that word to Wikipedia, I thought it had something to do with tequila and body shots.

9:44 AM
billy pilgrim said...

time to give bruce springsteen a listen.

57 channels and nothing to watch.

10:19 AM
Kelly said...

Oh Racquel, you and your hot man comments crack me up! You need to get away from work more often honey :)

3:44 PM

i got a new one less than 3 year old tv bit the a 32 inch flat screen, but dont dare hang it on the wall ...
i hooked up mine myself..

8:34 PM
Phats said...

Did you have to get it because of the switch to digital?

9:55 PM