Monday, July 27, 2009


Can you even imagine the self-control it took for me not to force this sucker to the side of the road and take over his truck???

A tanker full of COFFEE - that has to be my dream come true!


billy pilgrim said...

better watch out or
partis can't somnus.


i haven't drank a pot of coffee in my entire life..that stuff tastes like if it was full of dr. that's a differnt story.

Kelly said...

What a great idea in this crappy economy.......starbucks should buy a fleet of tankers and set them up every few miles or so; then when you are stuck in traffic you can just walk up to the side of the truck and fill up your cup (they would have to install spigots on the outside of the trucks)!

I think you should patent this idea and then try to sell it to Starbucks! Maybe then you can get rich and won't have to work anymore :)

Mr. Shife said...

Did you follow him for a while and just think of the possibilities? Did you have a plan to lure the driver away? And if you got caught you could always represent yourself.

texlahoma said...

Now you know how I feel when I see a beer truck!
I drink a lot of coffee too, good stuff.

Kelly's got a good idea, I could follow it around with a port-a-potty truck and get rich.

There were two guys from Texas that drove to Oklahoma City. They kept seeing signs at gas stations saying CLEAN RESTROOMS.
By the time they got to OKC they had cleaned 25 restrooms.