Monday, May 31, 2010

Captain Shark’s Log: Star Date Memorial Day weekend 2010

FRI:    Lady Shark at the Movies to see SATC2

    Chick Flick Film Review: 2 stars    Fashion/Shoes Review: 4 stars

NOTE to SJP – honey, you are NOT aging well. Eat a freaking sandwich or something!

SAT:    Lady Shark is sooo lazy she sleeps in. She finally rolled her fins out of the rack only to putter around the house some, and then putter around some more. At 4 p.m. she went to dinner with high school friends she hasn't seen in 24 years (24 YEARS!). She had a fantastic time and thinks they did too. It was a wonderful 3 hours of laughing (a lot) and eating (a lot)! Afterwards she dropped her top and went cruising around town in her sporty little convertible since the weather was so beautiful.

    NOTE to self: Count blessings every day; there are so many!

SUN:    Lady Shark was up very early (probably from all that sleep on Saturday) and had cyber-coffee chatting with her dear friend Misha (on the East coast). Realized how much she misses him and the whole rest of the gang from her Navy days. Plotting and planning how/when to meet up with everyone. Did laundry, then spent 2 hours at the nail salon in the afternoon get the fins buffed & polished. Enjoyed classic 80's videos on VH1 while laughing with the nail tech about how dumb we looked in said decade. Noted complete lack of T&A in 80's videos, though, as opposed to the crap that's on TV these days. Did office work, then went to parents' for dinner. Grilled pork chops – Dad in charge of meat + fire = goooood! Toasted to the fallen in honor of this Memorial Day and prayed for the safety of those out there every day.

    NOTE: must learn how to say 'make the water hotter' in Vietnamese

MON:    Up again early and got to have coffee with Mish again. Lucky Lady Shark! Housework during NCIS marathon on USA channel until satlink went down. BOO! At Starbucks finishing office work from yesterday. Really enjoy hanging out at the coffee house. Why? Don't know.

NOTE: must stop procrastinating and go home and clean house.

Anyway, you get the gist – it was a really good weekend. I have a roof over my head, people whom I care about/care about me, and food in my belly. PLUS, the rain stopped, so maybe if I go home now, I can catch the next 6 or 90 reruns of NCIS! What could be nicer? ;-)



Mr. Shife said...

Hi Rocky. Glad to see you back blogging again. Sounds like you had an excellent weekend and totally agree with your assessment on SJP. It is hard to top an NCIS marathon so I hope you got to enjoy some more Gibbs action. Take care and thank you for your comments on my blog.


that just sounds like the best time ever..should have been here for the wedding..sigh*

billy pilgrim said...

i learned all my vietnamese watching full metal jacket. me so.......

love you long time.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

haha Leo - I'm afraid if I say that at the salon, I might get more than I bargained for!