Thursday, May 27, 2010

Famous and Disgusting

Although I had a nice day overall, the commute was a real SOB. To keep my spirits high and my blood pressure low, I listened to the radio until I heard an advert for a show called Radio Lab in which their program of the evening spotlighted famous tumors. Famous tumors? WTF?

Turns out that apparently there are some famous tumors and they're quite interesting. If you're into that kind of thing, you can check them out HERE.

That got me started wondering what else was famous, but disgusting. How about fungus? Yeah, that's pretty gross, right? Sure enough, there's actually a whole organization called The Fungal Research Trust with two (count 'em: one, two), yes TWO pages of famous fungi. And I thought I was a boring dinner date. Imagine hooking up with one of these guys! (Click HERE to see the fungus)

Despite the fact that I bore easily, I wasn't quite done yet. I often wonder how my nail technician plays with peoples' hands and feet all day, so I searched for toenails and found an interesting discussion comparing a decomposing bear foot to a decomposing human foot. There are even several wicked looking pictures, including one where for one woman, sandals are the ONLY options. Click HERE to join the discussion.

Unfortunately for me, though, and soon to be you too the image results also brought me to THIS THING. WTF in any form is wholly inadequate. I think I'm scarred for life, even.

Tomorrow I think I'll just listen to my iPod.



they also have an entire city designated to anal warts..its called washington d.c.

billy pilgrim said...

man, i am ever tempted to make a lovely mrs myshkin joke.

but i'm too mature to do that.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

OMG LOL @both of you