Monday, September 20, 2010

ROADTRIP of the day

For the last several weeks on Facebook, I have been traveling across the country checking out roadside attractions in an attempt to appreicate the absurdity and banality of life in these great United States. I started this project inspired by the weekly Sunday newspaper supplement Parade Magazine, and the wonderful website

This has been a really fun project for me (and hopefully for my Facebook friends) so in bringing it here to the Shark Tank I hope you enjoy it as well. Again I would like to thank Roadside America for the majority of the photos that I am posting; all rights belong to the or their respective photographers and I claim no rights to them at all. I encourage you to support by visiting their website HERE. Now, on with the show:

Today we're off to Colorado Springs, CO to visit the World's Largest Hercules Beetle. The Beetle is actually the marker for the John May Museum of Natural History and the John May Museum of Space Exploration, which according to Roadside America is a grouping of 3 large mobile homes with 500-1000 NASA photographs, a small theater where 60 people can watch 300 hrs of NASA films, and a domed building where scale models of NASA spacecraft are presented. Rumour has it that a geocache is hidden within feet of the beetle's base.

Built in 1958 of fiberglass and steel, this bad boy stands 9' x 17' x 6' and weighs in at 400 lbs. Let's go!


billy pilgrim said...

speaking of beetles, did john lennon spell beatles that way because he was a saint and was waiting to get beatified?

Rocky (Racquel) said...

I'm thinking they might have just been stoned. Either that, or educated in the public school system.